Tuesday, January 26

Monthly Meetup

The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento, 95811, CA


  • social
    Doors Open
    Come early to grab a seat, a refreshment, and some food
    Sponsored by TekSystems
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    Welcome and Introductions
    Sponsored by The Urban Hive
  • speaker
    Promises? Promises!
    Promises can drastically improve the way we are writing our async code. They give us back the ability to centralize our error handling and return values from functions like we can in synchronous code. We'll be going over what Promises are, what they can do, and how we can start using them. If we have time, we will then take a look at the future async / await features that are making their way into the spec.
  • speaker
    Memory Leaks in Javascript
    What is a memory leak? How do you identify a memory leak? How do you fix a memory leak?
  • mc
    15-seconds of Fame
    New to the area? Hiring? Stumped on a problem? Here's your chance to take the floor and address the group for your 15-second of fame!
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    Closing Remarks
  • social
    Grab a drink and get to know your fellow #SacTech community members by hanging out afterwards and socializing with our other attendees. We'll keep it going until we get kicked out!
    Sponsored by Rocket Department

What's Next?

BeerJS, Wednesday, February 3rd at Coin-Op Game Room

What Else?

Want to speak at a future meetup? We accept 15, 30, and 45-minute talks on a wide variety of topics. Let us know what you'd like to talk about.

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Holiday Lightning Talks, Wednesday, December 16th at The Urban Hive