Saturday, July 23

NodeBots Day

U.C. Davis Extension
2901 K St., Sacramento, 95816, CA


  • checkin
    Check-in to the event, get your SumoBot kit, grab a seat, and start preparing to build a robot!
  • mc
    Introductions & Instructions
    After a quick welcome, staff introduction, and quick overview of the [Code of Conduct](, we'll go over the goal of the event (Sumo battle!) show off some of the SumoBot pieces, and do a quick intro on how to setup [Johnny Five]( to program your Arduino.
  • build
    Design & Build
    Build your SumoBot! This time can be spent however the attendee wishes, though we encourage everyone to start building a solid foundation for your bot. Familarize yourself with the components and the [Johnny Five API]( Once you have the basic functionality dialed in, let your creativity take over! Control your robot from your cell phone! Create weapons (or defenses) using craft materials!
    Sponsored by StrongLoop
  • build
    Optional Learn to Solder Workshop
    Interested in learning how to solder? While not a requirement of the basic SumoBot Kit, Rocket Department will be on site all day with their [Learn to Solder Kits](!
    Sponsored by Rocket Department
  • social
    Take a break with a catered lunch! Stepping away from the computer can be a great way for your brain to mull over any bugs or new ideas you may have, but if you want to keep hacking while eating, go for it!
  • build
    Design & Build
    Hopefully by this point, you are well on your way to a fully working robot. But if not, don't fret! We have staff on hand that can try and help you work through any problems you may have. Plus, even if your robot spins around in circles and blows up, that's also totally cool!
    Sponsored by Sparkfun
  • mc
    Soldering irons down, everyone! Its time for a sumo tournament! Contestants will be chosen on a volunteer/random basis and will go to battle in a 3-on-3 sumo competition. Last bot in the ring advances to the next round! Cheering and (constructive) jeering encouraged! Did you end up not making a SumoBot? That's also awesome! Show and Tell will be actively encouraged for any and all projects built during the course of the event!

NodeBots Day is not a hackathon. There will be no prizes other than the satisfaction of making something awesome! Each event has experts on hand to help you build your project and start you on the path to building awesome devices. Overall we're going to get together, collaborate and hack. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company and JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

The goal at the end of the day is for everyone to have a working, Javascript-powered robot that will go to battle against two other robots in a sumo ring. The last bot standing moves on to the next round until one remains! And after the battle is over, you get to take your robot home with you!

Creativity is actively encouraged! Control your bot from your cellphone! Create a hammer-like weapon out of popsicle sticks! If you can think it up, try to do it!

  • What is included in my ticket?

    A brand new Arduino Uno, a SumoBot chassis, batteries, and all other parts needed to build your fully functional robot, plus lunch!

  • What is a NodeBot? What is a SumoBot?

    NodeBots are hardware controlled with JavaScript, typically using the "jQuery of hardware", Johnny Five.

    A SumoBot is a NodeBot specifically designed to push other NodeBots out of the designated Sumo ring by any means necessary!

  • Is this a Hackathon?

    Nope! While we will declare a winner of the Sumo Ring, you're only prize will be celebrating your victory over the other bots.

    Spectacular failure is also celebrated and encouraged!

  • Do I have to have any experience with robots or hardware?

    Nope! If you have done any sort of work on the web using Javascript, then you are fully qualified to built a robot!

  • Can my child attend?

    Well behaved kids are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parental guardian for the duration of the event. Parental Guardians must purchase a meal ticket.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    A functional laptop with NodeJS pre-installed. Please refer to the NodeJS installation instructions if you need further information.

  • How do I get there and where should I park?

    Directions and parking information are available on the U.C. Davis Extension's website.

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