Tuesday, November 22

TurkeyScript 🦃

The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento, 95811, CA


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    Doors Open
    Come early to grab a seat, a refreshment, and some food
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    Welcome and Introductions
    Sponsored by The Urban Hive
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    A middle-aged man hacks Super Mario Bros. You won't believe what happens next.
    I talked with Derek a million years ago about programming the NES and he said that that could be a fun talk. I still would like to try that someday, but in the interim I propose something a little more fun--hacking SMB1 for the NES! I will cover three different types of hacks: * Game Genie tomfoolery (dynamic ROM editing). * Text replacement and translation shenanigans (altering ROM). * World Randomizer (altering ROM). However, it's not all fun and games; expect to learn about the following topics: * NES memory model. * NES pattern tables. * Some 6502 assembly programming.
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    Brief History of JavaScript Module
    Are you new to JavaScript and confused about modules, module loaders and module bundlers? Or you have been writing JavaScript code for a while, but can’t get a grip of the jargons about module? You heard about the jargons like CommonJS, AMD, Browserify, SystemJS, Webpack, JSPM, etc., but don’t understand why we need them? I will try to explain what are they, and what problem they try to solve, and how they solve the problem.
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    Taming a dinosaur with JavaScript and Docker
    A brief overview of how we are using JavaScript and Docker to set up functional and visual regression testing for our Drupal 6 codebase.
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    Closing Remarks
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    Grab a drink and get to know your fellow #SacTech community members by hanging out afterwards and socializing with our other attendees. We'll keep it going until we get kicked out!

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