Tuesday, December 20

Chestnuts Roasting Over Lightning Talks

The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento, 95811, CA


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    Doors Open
    Come early to grab a seat, a refreshment, and some food
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    Welcome and Introductions
    Sponsored by The Urban Hive
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    Serverless JS - Leveraging AWS Lambdas
    Quick overview of AWS lambdas and how using them to run JS code is both cost effective and allows for massive scale.
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    Business Idea Validation
    "I've got the greatest idea ever for a business!" - how to validate your idea for a better chance of surviving and perhaps thriving as a new business.
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    Intro to building a basic Alexa Skill
    Basic introduction to building an Alexa skill. I will show code from the Dad Jokes skill I submitted to the Alexa Skills Store and talk about how to a build a simple skill. If I have time today I will try and throw together a new skill I might be able to build in 5 minutes.
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    Lint your Code
    Do you work on a codebase with multiple people? Tired of having the same code style arguments over and over? Are your tests failing due to simple mistakes? Is your legacy codebase hard to maintain? Code linting can fix all of these problems automatically, while you type!
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    Closing Remarks
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    Grab a drink and get to know your fellow #SacTech community members by hanging out afterwards and socializing with our other attendees. We'll keep it going until we get kicked out!

Let's have some fun heading in to the holiday season!

A lightning talk is a short presentation lasting only a few minutes. Being of such short length, it is a great way for new speakers to try their hand at presenting to our group. For more experienced speakers, it is a way to work on making a more concise presentation.

We are accepting talk topics on anything! If you can talk about it for five minutes, that likely means that you are passionate about it. We want to hear about your passions! You can talk about Javascript, web technology, Java 6, bicycle repair, or flower arranging!

What's Next?

Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!, Tuesday, January 24th at The Urban Hive

What Else?

Want to speak at a future meetup? We accept 15, 30, and 45-minute talks on a wide variety of topics. Let us know what you'd like to talk about.

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TurkeyScript 🦃, Tuesday, November 22nd at The Urban Hive