Tuesday, October 24

All classes and no semi-colons makes SacJS a dull meetup

The Urban Hive
1931 H Street, Sacramento, 95811, CA


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    Doors Open
    Come early to grab a seat, a refreshment, and some food
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    Welcome and Introductions
    Sponsored by The Urban Hive
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    10KB or Bust: The Delicate Power of Webpack and Babel
    Your app is bigger and slower than it needs to be. Without rewriting app code we can squeeze more performance out of your code by tweaking Webpack and Babel. These tools are immensely powerful but it's a delicate dance to get them to play nice. This talk is full of tips and tricks to get you there.
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    Do you know how fast you were going back there?
    If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. I'll introduce you to the JavaScript Performance API's, and how they can be used to understand the impact your choices have on the performance of your web apps.
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    Closing Remarks
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    Grab a drink and get to know your fellow #SacTech community members by hanging out afterwards and socializing with our other attendees. We'll keep it going until we get kicked out!

Is the size of your application haunting you? 👻

Scared that your app is slow? 👹

Well, here are some tricks we will treat you to to make that app fast and responsive!

What's Next?

Serving up fall puns to avoid board-DOM, Tuesday, September 26th at The Urban Hive

What Else?

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Et tu, Vue-te, Tuesday, March 28th at The Urban Hive