Speaking at SacJS

What is SacJS?

SacJS is a monthly tech meetup that takes place every fourth Tuesday at The Urban Hive. We host guest speakers, meet & greets, and hands-on workshops.

How do I submit a talk?

You can either create a new "Issue" in our GitHub repo or email us with your talk proposal.

If you are choosing the easier GitHub Issue option, please use the following as a template:

Twitter Handle:
GitHub Username:
Talk Length:


Brief Description:

Do I need to be an expert to talk?

Absolutely not!

Our meetup is laid back and our attendees are friendly. We welcome speakers of all skill levels and enjoy learning about a wide variety of topics.

What kind of talks are you looking for?

Anything and everything!

All manner of Javascript topics are obviously welcome, but we'd love to hear about CSS, HTML, frameworks, tooling, animation, 3D graphics, gaming, debugging, side projects, hardware, or anything else you are passionate about, even if its not programming!

The more creative, the better!

Submitting a Lightning Talk?

Anything is fair game for lightning talks! If you can talk about it for five minutes, that likely means that you are passionate about it. We want to hear about your passions! You can talk about Javascript, web technology, Java 6, bicycle repair, or flower arranging!

How long should my talk be?

We welcome talks of 10, 20, 30, or 45-minutes in length. Lightning talk days are limited to a maximum of 5-minutes.

What's the A/V situation?

We have a digital projector with an HDMI input. If you need an adapter or require a more complex setup, let us know and we'll get what you need!

Do I need to submit my slides beforehand?

No, but please show up at least 30 minutes before your talk. This allows us to test out our A/V equipment with your setup, brief you on the agenda, get you fed, and buffer around any surprise traffic situations.

SacJS expects all speakers and attendees to follow our Code of Conduct

Is there time for any Q&A?

We encourage all speakers to hold off on answering any questions from the floor during their presentations. If your talk is the only one of the evening, we will schedule enough time for Q&A. Otherwise, please stay around afterwards for Bevera.js where you can answer any questions from our attendees in a less formal environment.